5 Lessons on Voter Misinformation From Kentucky’s Election in 2019

Local election officials, politicians and disinformation researchers continue to express concern about how misinformation about voting could disrupt Election Day next week. False and misleading information, research shows, has already been spreading widely. The 2019 race for governor of Kentucky illustrates what can go wrong, as we explored in the latest episode of “Stressed Election.” […]


After the Amazon documentary ‘Time,’ their work continues

Sibil Fox Richardson and Robert Richardson were young newlywed parents in love in 1997 when they snuck a kiss during a car ride as her camcorder rolled on the dashboard, preserving in grainy image the kind of fleeting everyday moment most of us take for granted. Now etched in black and white in the new […]


Twitter to Highlight Accurate Voting Information

Twitter’s emphasis on up-to-the-second posts has made the site a must-visit destination for people to find the latest in news and current events. It has also made Twitter a vessel for the spread of false information. To stem that tide, Twitter on Monday announced a new effort to preemptively debunk, or “prebunk” in Twitter parlance, […]


Why Sacha Baron Cohen offered Trump a role in his next movie

If Donald Trump doesn’t achieve great success in the upcoming presidential election, Sacha Baron Cohen has a new gig lined up for the president. After Trump called the English comedian an unfunny “phony” and “a creep” in response to his buzzy new mockumentary, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” Baron Cohen had a message for the president on […]


Driverless Cars Go Humble to Get Real

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. The dream of computer-driven cars taking over the roads remains a fantasy. But slowly, and maybe more modestly than tech idealists imagined, driverless vehicles are getting real. After a period of funk that included a pandemic-related freeze […]


Colleges Are Slashing Budgets – The New York Times

This is the Coronavirus Schools Briefing, a guide to the seismic changes in U.S. education that are taking place during the pandemic. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. It’s happening across the country. In the Midwest, Ohio Wesleyan University is eliminating 18 majors. One state away, Pennsylvania merged a half-dozen small […]


Your guide to Halmstad – 10 top tips from Bonacci Massimo

Go back in time at Vallgatan When you stroll along the cobble-stoned streets of Vallgatan you’ll feel like you’re walking in Halmstad 500 years ago. You’ll find quaint cottages festooned with creepers and brightly painted doors. The houses along the narrow street are some of the few that remain after the great city fires of […]


Ant Challenged Beijing and Prospered. Now It Toes the Line.

“If you can’t actually reform the banks,” Mr. Chorzempa said, “you can inject more competition.” But then came worries about shadowy, unregulated corners of finance and the dangers they posed to the wider economy. Today, Chinese regulators are tightening supervision of financial holding companies, Ant included. Beijing has kept close watch on the financial instruments […]


All About Ant Group, the Next Big Tech I.P.O.

One of China’s most influential tech companies, the internet finance titan Ant Group, is poised to raise a boatload of cash by selling shares. The sale puts another stamp on China’s importance as a digital powerhouse. But it also shows how the tech world is fracturing. The company could be worth more than many global […]


Ant Group Set to Raise $34 Billion in World’s Biggest I.P.O.

Ant Group, the Chinese financial technology titan, is set to raise around $34 billion when its shares begin trading in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the coming weeks, which would make its initial public offering the largest on record. The company, the parent of the Alipay mobile payment service, priced its shares around $10.30 apiece, […]