Zoom Continues Its Marketing Effort Despite Reports Questioning Its Security

IBL News | New York, the increasingly popular video conferencing service, announced yesterday additional security measures to combat the hacking phenomenon of “Zoombombing”. As a result, Zoom said Friday it will enable passwords and turn on waiting rooms by default starting on April 5. “We’re always striving to continue to deliver you a secure […]


Review: ‘Shooting Heroin’ offers little hope for opioid crisis

Urgency runs through the narrative veins of “Shooting Heroin,” an issue-centric drama on the opioid epidemic poisoning America’s working-class heartland. Fond of stories underlined with religious faith, writer-director Spencer T. Folmar proposes two possible antithetical solutions: peaceful tactics that appeal to guilt or vigilante revenge. Former “Quantico” series regular Alan Powell spearheads a large talent […]


Review: Sean Hayes stars in watered-down satire ‘Lazy Susan’

The essence of John Waters — albeit watered-down Waters — is all over “Lazy Susan,” a badly-behaving satire starring Sean Hayes as a highly unmotivated cisgender woman mired in her self-centered ways. Trudging through existence with a distinct lack of effort, single, serially unemployed, skort-wearing Susan finds herself facing a midlife crisis after her put-upon […]


Review: Shallow rom-com ‘Almost Love’ looks at sex in the city

In the rom-com “Almost Love,” there’s plenty of attention paid to the surface — a likable cast, Instagram-ready interiors, smart costuming — but the script from director Mike Doyle has all the depth of a Tinder profile. A few strong moments from its stars brighten the film, but it’s never more than a mildly enjoyable […]


How to Thrive in Online Life

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. Like for many of you, my life has become detached from the physical world. I’m having drinks with buddies on Zoom, chatting with my boss on Google Hangouts and texting up a storm with my dad and […]


Profiteers and Pool Noodles: The Mask Market Is a Total Mess

The people jumping into the mask market come from across the spectrum. Dan Schonfeld, for instance, sells pool noodles. He’s pretty good at it, too. He found a reliable supplier in China, slapped sports teams’ logos on them and built a steady business through When the coronavirus spread last month to his home state, […]


Kenneth Turan retires: Filmmaker tributes from Eastwood and more

Many might assume the relationship between a critic and filmmakers to be a contentious one, even adversarial. Yet when asked to comment on Times film critic Kenneth Turan, who is stepping away from the position after nearly 30 years, the responses from filmmakers he had reviewed were warm, generous and emotional. In becoming a valued […]


Kenneth Turan best and worst reviews: Justin Chang looks back

They say you should never meet your heroes. They’re wrong. I’m grateful not only to have met one of mine, but also to have called him my teacher, colleague and friend. There is some consolation in this, and this is a time for consolation. This week, after nearly 30 years on the job, Kenneth Turan […]


Coronavirus: As celebrities shelter at home, paparazzi struggle

In his more than two decades working as a paparazzi photographer, Giles Harrison has gone to some wild extremes to get the shots he wanted. He was once chased across the Gulf of Mexico by law enforcement personnel in gunboats while trying to photograph Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on vacation. He hung outside a […]