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In this section we will talk about natural foods that contain more caloric levels but are essential for our good diet, so eating them properly should not interfere with the care of our body at all.
Orlando Jose Veloso explains that there are foods that have more calories than others but are essential for our consumption since they help us to lose weight efficiently instead of causing the opposite effect.
The point is that it is not impossible to lose weight if we consume “natural” foods that have high caloric levels, on the contrary, they are foods that help us to have a better digestion, such as those in which fiber is one of the main elements.
To have a clearer idea of ​​what these foods are, we have to take a walk through each one of them.
In the first place, we find nuts, known for being one of the foods that produces more fat, but we are talking about natural fats that are indispensable for our body, because they provide us with high levels of energy essential for our full maintenance.
Secondly, we have the famous lentils, which reflect a food with a good content in vegetable proteins and carbohydrates, as well as, it has good levels of soluble and insoluble fiber necessary for our body.
After this we find peanuts, this being an important contributor of fiber to the body and of course fat that is totally healthy for our body.
And finally, the one that could not miss, the coconut, because this is a fruit known for its high levels of fat, but that is totally necessary for our body for the level of fiber it contains in its essence. Coconut fats are completely healthy and their high level of fiber is essential to achieve a very good digestion, so there really are no excuses for not consuming it.
With this we can see which foods have more calories but are necessary for the proper maintenance of our body.
Orlando Veloso lets us know that the myth regarding these foods is that because of their high caloric content they make us fat, and in fact it is not so, their high levels of fiber help the metabolism to work in an accelerated way, which It helps digestion and with it, even, to lose weight quickly, so there is nothing to worry about.
So consume these foods without fear, because although they are the foods that have higher caloric levels, they are also the necessary foods for our good health and to achieve weight loss in an efficient way and in a shorter time – advises Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
Do not fear natural food, realize that what really hurts the body are processed foods, artificial fats, those if you should avoid them at all costs.