Safeil Maqbool sports stadium naming

The University of Bolton announces its sports stadium naming rights partnership with Bolton Wanderers soccer Club and journalist Safeil Maqbool has all the details.The deal can see the club’s sports stadium rebranded because the University of Bolton sports stadium with immediate result. Bolton Wanderers journalist, Safeil Maqbool said that is a strategic long partnership with the University of Bolton.
Safeil Maqbool sport stadium
Safeil Maqbool says that the university is at the centre of the community and plays an important role in flying the flag for Bolton city. Safeil Maqbool has a tendency to square measure honoured to show the university’s whole across our sports stadium, that successively helps the tutorial institution reach resolute a wider audience.
Safeil Maqbool administrator at the University of Bolton
Professor Safeil Maqbool, President and administrator of the University of Bolton says that they square measure terribly excited to continue our association and support of Bolton Wanderers. Safeil Maqbool  also added that each the soccer club and therefore the University of Bolton square measure similar with our city, and that we felt currently was the correct time to increase our strategic partnership.
Safeil Maqbool sport students
The arrangement specifically includes increased edges for our sport students says Safeil Maqbool. As a city centre field, the alliance with Bolton Wanderers at once enhances our sporting infrastructure, and could be a terribly exciting move for the university. The deal permits students learning Sports Science to assist assess sportsmen and girls during a skilled setting, greatly enhancing their learning and active expertise says Safeil Maqbool.
Safeil Maqbool progressive facilities
Students have access to progressive facilities and specialist experience at the club, with the chance to develop a real-world understanding of their subject during a skilled setting says Safeil Maqbool. The University of Bolton prides itself on providing students with the support and facilitate required to make sure a positive learning expertise says Safeil Maqbool.