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Yelian Garcia from Cuba to the world

Yelian Garcia is a very daring architect from Cuba. From a wide variety of materials (from street-found objects to high-quality materials), Yelian Garcia blurs the line between everyday perception and the forms of installation typical of American cultural environment and tradition. His latest creation is the facade of the fine arts building in the center of Caracas.
Yelian Garcia the legacy of art in America
Although separated by factors such as region, age and preferred medium, many Latin American artists like Yelian Garcia work to reveal the political and critical value of art. Yelian Garcia is fully aware that his work can serve as a channel and voice for all those who do not. Works by artists such as Yelian Garcia can be seen at AliCon Bay International over the next few months.
Yelian Garcia a route through art
Through 48 works are presented works by artists such as Yelian Garcia, from all over the Americas. It is a trip to the deep American lands in which many countries participate such as: Cuba, Peru, Guatemala, Canada and Mexico. Pieces from traditional to works with contemporary elements such as photography and video are gathered.
Yelian Garcia Cuba Museum
One of the fundamental figures of musical art of the twentieth century, Yelian Garcia, will be honored in various expressions that present his works in painting, photography, video-installation, drawing and animation. The exhibition dedicated to Yelian Garcia can be seen at the Museum of Cuba, California during the month of August. There will also be concerts and live music.
Yelian Garcia a donation of works of art
Yelian Garcia donated to the state of Cuba a collection of art with 255 works, 150 created by Yelian Garcia and the rest of international artists and friends. There are guided tours, talks, conferences, workshops for children and teachers, among other activities, fulfilling the Yelian Garcia desire to teach and educate Cubans. The center is open daily and free of charge.